Wild Conservation

Wild Conservation
The Conservation and Reintroduction Journal of The Aspinall Foundation:
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Volume 1, Number 1, May 2013
Volume 1, Number 2, December 2013: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3
Individual articles
Volume 1, Number 1, May 2013

Summary of the proposal to reinforce the reintroduced gorilla population in Gabon

Tony King & Amos Courage, Wild Conservation 1: 1-9.    


Where does the savannah fauna of the Batéké Plateau come from?

Tony King & Christelle Chamberlan, Wild Conservation 1: 10-16.            


Saving the Critically Endangered greater bamboo lemur Prolemur simus

Tony King, Christelle Chamberlan, Maholy Ravaloharimanitra & Tovonanahary Rasolofoharivelo, Wild Conservation 1: 17-24.


Conserving the Critically Endangered black-and-white ruffed lemur Varecia variegata through integrating ex situ and in situ efforts

Tony King, Tovonanahary Rasolofoharivelo & Christelle Chamberlan, Wild Conservation 1: 25-30.      


Reinforcing the isolated Javan langur population in the Coban Talun Protected Forest, East Java, Indonesia

Made Wedana, Iwan Kurniawan, Zulfi Arsan, Novianto Bambang Wawandono, Amos Courage & Tony King, Wild Conservation 1: 31-39.          


Featured external publications

Wild Conservation 1: 40-42.

Volume 1, Number 2, December 2013

The transfer of Djala’s group (nine western lowland gorillas) from Port Lympne, UK, to Gabon, June 2013

Phil Ridges, Wild Conservation 1: 43-48.

The transfer of Kibi (a 21.3-year-old female western lowland gorilla) from Howletts, UK, to Gabon, September 2013

Donna Honey, Wild Conservation 1: 49-52.


Relocating the Oudiki group (three subadult reintroduced western lowland gorillas) to the east bank of the Mpassa River, Gabon, October 2013 

Donna Honey, Wild Conservation 1: 53-55.

Veterinary report of the relocation of the Oudiki group (three subadult western lowland gorillas), Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon, October 2013

Ian Ashpole & Jane Hopper, Wild Conservation 1: 56-57.

Release of the Oudiki group (four juvenile western lowland gorillas) in the Batéké Plateau National Park, Gabon, July 2012

Matthieu Bonnet, Wild Conservation 1: 58-62.

Release of four subadult western lowland gorillas in the Lesio-Louna Reserve, Congo, October 2013

Matthieu Bonnet, Wild Conservation 1: 63-65.

Progress report on three eastern black rhinoceroses translocated from Port Lympne, UK, to Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary, Tanzania

Tony Fitzjohn, Wild Conservation 1: 66-68.

Developing environmental education for the conservation of greater bamboo lemurs at the Vohibe lowland forest, eastern Madagascar

Tovonanahary Rasolofoharivelo, Wild Conservation 1: 69-73.

African forest elephants

Neil Spooner, Wild Conservation 1: 74-75.

The Aspinall Foundation: 30 years of captive-breeding, reintroduction and conservation

Tony King, Wild Conservation 1: 76-89.